Gratuitous digging dog

Wrrrrooooeef, wroooiiiiif, wrrref. We were walking along the South Bank the other day, on our way to Tate Modern when a shrill and very excited barking alerted us to this little dude. I have no idea what his master plan was, but he was digging like there was no tomorrow and every time he found a stone he would grab it and go bury it in a smaller hole and then bark some more.

What must have been  his owner was just as busy making a sand sculpture a bit further down the stretch of sand. Totally fascinating and magically random. I could easily have stood there and watched them the rest of the afternoon…


One response to “Gratuitous digging dog

  1. Now isn’t that just like London? We live in a small village really…

    Can’t wait to meet up in Oct, so pleased you can make the book club.

    Helena xx

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