Book group at England’s Lane Books

When I venture outside on these autumn-becoming-winter days I’m greeted by the howling wind, beaten in the face by the rain and assaulted by the dropping temperatures.

NOT very nice, so I hastily retreat back home to my sofa, make a cup of steaming hot tea and bury my eyes in books. Luckily I’ve just joined a book group so I have a very good excuse for turning the pages.

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The group takes place every month at the charming England’s Lane Books in Hampstead and is hosted by my lovely fellow blogger, Helena Halme (go read her  brilliant blog).

Last month we discussed Naomi Alderman’s The Lessons and this month we’re tackling the two books above.

The L-Shaped Room by Lynne Reid Banks is about a young woman who gets pregnant in pre-Pill, pre-Abortion  Act Britain and has to move into a dingy room in Fulham. I’m half-way through it and loving it.

The second book is The Slap by Melbourne writer Christos Tsiolkas about a man who slaps a kid at a barbecue. A slap that proves to have far-reaching consequences.

This book club/book group business is all new to me but I’m already a fan and think it’s a wonderful way to pay tribute to a book that an author has spent a hell of a long time writing, while at the same time exercising your brain a bit in good company. And you always end up discovering underlying themes and meanings that you would otherwise not have noticed.

The next bookclub is on Tuesday 23rd November at 7 pm at:
England’s Lane Books
41 England’s Lane

If you’re interested in attending, email them at or just turn up on the night.

Contact the bookshop for more info and keep an eye on their website for other upcoming events, as they do book readings and signings as well. Both books are also available in the shop.


4 responses to “Book group at England’s Lane Books

  1. I’ve loved the couple of book groups I’ve been involved in over the last year.

    The second book my Australian group and I did was The Slap. I loved it, but a lot of people in the group hated it. It’s full of very unlikeable characters, but very interesting themes and issues. I’d be very keen to hear what you think of it – especially as it’s a very Australian book, I wonder how it translates to other cultures.

    The L-Shaped Room sounds great, too – I’ll look it up.

  2. That’s it. I’m coming home. Boooooooks!

    LOL, you know, your posts make London sound delicious. 🙂

  3. Well, I actually think it’s about time you came home to delicious London. See you in the book group!

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