Sheepish coffee and a bad Santa

Having a toddler in the house adds a little extra to your morning coffee…



What else is new. Elliot has said his first proper word (apart from “mummy” and “dadda”). The word is “knee”.  I tried to make him say it in Danish as well (knæ) but no luck, but who can blame him..and last week he tried to say “thunder”.

We also went to IKEA, Elliot was a bit tired so he started his nap while we were driving.


Only to wake up and find himself in toddler heaven = surrounded by soft toys. I’m sure he wanted me to buy all of them.


I want that one….


and that one and THAT one and…


We ended up buying a play carpet.


Then the weekend came and we all went Christmas shopping. There was a big sale going on at Expo (big exhibition hall close to where we live) and Elliot found a Cookie Monster teddy.



I found the perfect plastic tree, which of course had to be decorated with multi-coloured lights, inspired by this Chip and Dale Christmas video. I remember watching it each year at Christmas and wishing I could have a tree exactly like that one.


Elliot and I also went shopping at yet another mall (I swear when we leave here I will never want to set foot in one again) and E woke up from his nap being extremely grumpy, just look at that protruding lower lip:


A crisp at Swensen’s – which I found to be a horrible, horrible place (overpriced, crap food & service) but hey, they have crisps and highchairs – helped a tiny bit.


Pink balloons helped even more.


Thursday we went to a playgroup in the Danish Seamen’s *giggle* Church on Mount Faber. Elliot is still a bit shy as he was traumatised the first time we went, where we entered while they were singing a birthday song really loudly while stomping their feet on the ground. Poor Elliot, despite his Nordic genes he’s not used to the wild, wild ways of the Vikings 🙂

This is how he looked after the last session:


What else have we been up to. Oh yes, that’s right. We’ve been picking flowers by the handfuls.

white flower

yellow flowers

We’ve been checking out butterflies.


And yesterday we said hi to Scary Santa after we visited dad for lunch at Changi City Point (yes, yet another shopping centre). Elliot was not impressed and there was no way in hell he wanted to sit on his lap (who can blame him).

santa claus


Chasing flowers

We went to Singapore’s Botanic Garden today and it was beautiful.  There’s not a lot of wild nature left in this big modern city, so it was great to encounter tiny snippets of über-green jungleness here and there.


Before we even began exploring the park, and while Elliot was asleep, we visited the food court and I ordered my first laksa since leaving London. So good.

I don’t know if I have mentioned it before, but Elliot is OBSESSED with flowers (and butterflies, and ceiling fans) so he was pretty much in heaven when he woke up from his afternoon-nap-in buggy and found himself surrounded by these guys:

And his day got even better when we located the National Orchid Garden. When faced with something as important as an orchid garden you have to apply your most serious facial expression, leaving no doubt as to your status as the world’s youngest flower connoisseur:

Right until someone makes you laugh…

We also discovered where Danish swans go, when they flee from the cold, cold winter:

When we exited the gates I kinda noticed the dark skies gathering above us but chose to ignore them. We were still on a mission as I wanted to visit the main outlet of Australian food emporium Jones the Grocer, know for their great coffee.

And if there’s one thing we should have learned about Singapore the hard way by now then it’s: never ignore dark skies or you’ll get drenched.

So half and hour later we found ourselves, soaked to the skin, but sipping coffee and beer while enjoying the sound of the pouring rain.

And now we’re at home, Elliot is sleeping and we’ve got our feet up. Sam is fiddling with his new iphone and I’m waiting for two new episodes of my  favourite series (Girls) to begin.

Lazy Saturdays don’t get much better than this. Hope yours was/is going to be great too.

Christmas decorations at Orchard Road

Yesterday was a bank holiday, so Sam was home and ordered me to take the day off from toddler wrangling. My first impulse was to hop in a taxi and go window shopping in Singapore’s shopping district around Orchard Road.

I had a great day buying absolutely nothing (2 iPhone covers don’t count, do they?) But I did pick out the perfect wallet in Bottega Veneta (one day you will be mine *rubs hands together*). I also found a great Antipodean coffee place (more about that later) and finished off a perfect day by watching a not too bad horror movie (Apartment 143, if you really want to know).

Here are a few of the wacky decorations, it’s so strange seeing them hang from the green leafy trees and hard to believe that Christmas is just around the corner.


And the baubles in SP are of course sponsored by Visa.

Hot update

I know, it’s been a while. And things have changed a bit since I last blogged. In September we packed all our London belongings and went to Denmark to spend a few weeks with friends and family before hopping on a plane to Singapore. Sam is now working for ILM and we are going to spend the next year here.

And here’s the proof: Elliot and I, freshly arrived:

And here I am pouring my new favourite drink, pearl milk tea, (so yummy, more about it later) down the front of my dress. Apparently jetlag makes you really clumsy.

What more is there to say. Oh yes, they have Cheetos here. And it’s hot and humid and their cheddar is really crap. But hey, they’ve got gazillions of flowers, fans and butterflies, which makes Elliot extremely happy.

I hope to be posting more regularly now as we’ve set up a Tumblr blog where we’ll post quick updates and photos for friends and family ( and I’ll redirect the posts here.

Hopefully I’ll find the time to write longer posts for the blog too. I doubt that they’ll be about second-hand shopping though as this city is pretty hopeless when it comes to that (I’m still in shock after my encounter with the local thrift shop *shudders*).  But who knows, I might still have some second-hand treasures hidden in my humid closet 🙂


Elliot checking out our local playground.

High-street find: Coral coloured jelly shoes

The weather is just perfect at the moment, so Elliot and I have been hanging out with other mums and babies in London’s parks.

Being outdoors in the sun calls for bright, summery shoes.

I’m a big fan of jelly shoes, like these coral coloured ones that I bought in Kurt Geiger last month when it was still pouring down with rain every single day.

They cost 25 pounds and are really comfortable.

And I like that they are still quite elegant and not too casual or rubbery looking.

Kurt Geiger Maddy Jelly Shoes, £ 25. Buy them here.

Second-hand find: Pointy earrings

Pointy earrings from the Oxfam charity shop in St. John’s Wood. Price: 6 pounds. I love the bold, studded design as I don’t like my jewellery to be too cutesy & dainty.

I don’t really know what the material is, but the colour is something in-between silver and gold.

The old-fashioned clasp means that you have to fasten the screw until tight enough, which almost stopped me from buying them, as I thought they would be really painful to wear.

But they have turned out to be super comfortable, almost as comfortable as normal earrings – something I’m too afraid to wear at the moment, as I have a very active (and surprisingly strong) baby in the house, who happens to loooove grabbing shiny things.

He even managed to sneak himself into these pictures, while mum was busy taking pictures of herself. Can you spot him in the corner? I think he is pretending to help me with the laundry.